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Dr. Sheng-Chih Shen
Vice President of the O.A.A. and Director of C.T.L.D.
  Ext.:50202   scshen@mail.ncku.edu.tw   

Responsible for the planning, execution, monitoring and guidance for all affairs relating to the Center for Teaching and Learning Development(C.T.L.D.)

Affairs assigned by superintendent.


Care for Faculty Hotline  link

- To provide mental support and counseling contact for faculty in NCKU, C.T.L.D. established “Care for Faculty” Hotline in 2010.  Any teacher who needs psychological counseling and mental support is welcomed to contact through the specialized hotline. Moreover, friends of faculty or any administrative staff in need of mental support can take the initiative to make contact through the “Care for Faculty Hotline”. C.T.L.D. will make referral to professional counselor for further mental care and mentoring.


OfficerMs. Gau (On Maternity Leave) 
DeputyProject Adminstrator – Ms. Huang Ext.:50202 #41 11209114@gs.ncku.edu.tw 

- Departments & Institutes self-Evaluation.

- Cross-diciplinary credit program evaluation.

- Distance Courses Operation Evaluation(including regulation and questionnaire).

- Enact relevant evaluation for special features curriculum.

- Data compilation for the White Book of Office of Academic Affairs.

- Responsible for free Chinese learning for foreign faculty(Cooperate with Chinese Language Center).

- Handle official document for C.T.L.D.(Outer-school transferred official document and announcement).

- Assigned affairs by superintendent.

OfficerMs. Chen
 Ext.:50202 #20 11110060@gs.ncku.edu.tw Research Award(Relevant Inquiry) Email ncku-award@ctld.ncku.edu.tw

- Organize and summon the NCKU  Academic Honors Recommendation Committee.

- Operation relating to recommendation and conferment of  the  NCKU Profressor Emeritus.

- In charge of the relevant affairs with friendly-campus empowerment committee -Division of teacher promotion empowerment.

- Announcement of research awards from national administrative sectors and outer-school foundation, and relevant regulations about research award recommendation. 

- General affairs execution (including compile C.T.L.D. data, expense reimbursement and reviewing, disaster prevention and relief (including fire control), property management, etc.

- Official document registry for the C.T.L.D., handle email and comment mailbox sending & receiving and mail response.

- Assigned affairs by superintendent.

Assistant Adminstrator-Ms.Shao Ext.:50202#39 11106021@gs.ncku.edu.tw

- Teaching Assistant (TA) Training relevant affairs.

- Students courswork guidance and counsling relevant affairs.

- Organize Teachers’ community and Workshops for Teachers’ growth.

- Assist in promoting innovation in teaching and other relevant affairs.

- In charge of the  affairs with friendly-campus empowerment committee- Division of teacher teaching development.

- The inspection of information security and information property inventory for C.T.F.D.

- Manage and maintain C.T.L.D. official website.

- Serve as the contact window for C.T.L.D. with College X.

- Assist in students’ learning style survey.

- Assist the data compilation for the White Book of Office of Academic Affairs.

- Assigned affairs by superintendent.

Assistant Adminstrator-Ms.Tian Ext.:50202 #23 

- Execute Higher Education Sprout Project and Self-directed learning course recruitment-TREVI.

- Organize new faculty professional competency orientation(T4 and on-campus).

- Maintain and update the new faculty teachers’ handbook.

- In charge of the teaching evaluation feedback survey.

- In charge of teaching immediate feedback.

- Selection of Teachers of Teaching Excellcence Awards and Granting .

- The selection and rewarding operation of Treaching Innovation and University Social Responsibility, USR Excellece Award.

- Core competence survey and statistics of the graduates.

- Announcement of MOE projects solicitations, application and relevant affairs.

- Assigned affairs by superintendent.

Assistant Adminstrator-Ms.Cao Ext.:50202 #36 

- Assist the affairs relating to article editing and writing for  "NCKU Magazine".

- Susidize the Public University Publishing Houses Joint Exibition.

- Edit and execute the Special Features of Teaching Innovation and USR.

- Application for the ISBN, ISSN and CIP of publications of all sorts.

- Manage and maintain the website for NCKU Magazine for the latest updates.

- Applicantion and management of the GPN of  NCKU publications.

- Payment request and remittance credited from the account receivable of the exhibited bookstores and data maintenance of the government publications website.

- Assigned affairs by superintendent.

Assistant Adminstrator-Ms.Wang
 Ext.:50202 #33 sharon1984flight@gmail.com

- College X  Working Team.

- Execute and conduct IR analysis of Higher Education Sprout Project.

-  In charge of micro-credit relevant affairs.

- Bilingual Education Program budget and expenses.

- Students’ learning style survey.

- Assigned affairs by superintendent.

Assistant Adminstrator-Ms.Tsai Ext.:50202 #45

- College X  working team.

- Execute Higher Education Sprout Project and expense reimbursement for College X.

- The contact window for the Teaching Practice Research Program in NCKU.

- Organize relevant affairs relating to innovate teaching plan and innovative cross-disciplinary curriculum in NCKU.

- The contact window for Taiwan Professional and Organizational Development Network in Higher Education(TPOD).

- The contact window for Higher Education Accreditation for Teaching(HEAT), NCYU.

- Assigned affairs by superintendent.

Assistant Adminstrator-Ms.
Lin Ext.:50202 #28 ncku.ccep@ctld.ncku.edu.tw email for Cross College Elite Program em5020238@email.ncku.edu.tw

- The Cross College Elite Program affairs.

- Assigned affairs by superintendent.

Project AdminstratorMs. Liao Ext.:50202 #35 10802070@gs.ncku.edu.twInterdisciplinary Sustainability Studies business email mss@ctld.ncku.edu.tw

- International Master's Program in Interdisciplinary Sustainability Studies,NCKU program affairs.

- Coursera account control and management,reply student’s Q&A.

- Space management for 3F,Multifunctional Building B.

- Assigned affairs by superintendent.


The team member of NCKU Bilingual Education & Engagement Resource center


Temporaory Administrative Staff  Ext.50202 #47 

- Assist the sending and receiving of the official document of C.T.L.D and distribution.

- Assigned affairs by superintendent.