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1.  If you are late for each class for 15 minutes, the class will not be certified.

2.  TA FAQ:

 Q:Which courses can be completed to obtain a "Study Certificate"?

  A:Complete 8 hours of training courses during this semester

 Q:What if I can't attend the workshop?

  A:Please contect the organizer。

 Q:After completing the courses, where can I get the "Study Certificate"?

  A:After the courses, you will be notified via email of the certificate issuance method.

 Q:Where can I learn about TA Training Workshop?

  A:It can be known in the following ways:

    (1)CTLD's website:http://ctld.ncku.edu.tw/
    (2)Email:11106021@gs.ncku.edu.tw  (Ms. Shao)