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Q1 :If I have some suggestions for teachers in the semester, how can I respond?

A1: You can log in to the "Teaching Instant Feedback System" to communicate with the instructor. The system can choose to respond anonymously or by name, so as to respond to learning problems at any time.

Q2 :At the end of each semester (within three weeks before the final exam), do I have to complete a survey on teaching responses?

A2:Yes! The improvement of teaching effectiveness and skills of instructors depends on the feedback of teaching feedback to facilitate improvement. Those who complete the survey on the Internet will enjoy priority "priority distribution of online course selection" and "online inquiry "Semester course results" right.

Q3 :If I have learning difficulties, does the school provide tutoring or counseling?

A3:Yes! Provide fixed-point and online tutoring and learning consulting services every semester. The tutoring subjects are mainly basic subjects, including: calculus, general physics, statistics, economics, engineering mathematics, accounting, English, essay writing counseling, etc. , Welcome to inquire on our website.

Q4 :The school provides many teaching resources and courses. Are there other on-campus units that also provide learning resources that can be used?

A4:In addition to relevant information being available on the website of the Teaching Development Center of the Academic Affairs Office, our school’s online learning portal(https://www.nlearning.ncku.edu.tw/)also provides cross-school learning resources. Welcome to make use of them.

Q5 :Apart from the R&D Office, where else could teachers get information about the off-campus awards that they could apply for?

A5:In addition to notifying all colleges, departments and teachers of off-campus award information via email, the Teaching Development Center also provides application information for a variety of awards.Please press here.

Q6:If I want to know about the research in the lab and start studying, is there any channel that could provide information?

A6:For relevant information, please go to the "NCKU UR Undergraduate Research" website.